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About us

W2Economics is an independent research and consultancy office specialising in the economic analysis of road safety. We aim to help reduce the number of road casualties and improve quality of life by providing high-quality research, consultancy and education. Among our clients are international organisations, governments (national, regional and local), companies and NGOs. Our analyses give them the (scientific) insights and the arguments they need to underpin decisions relating to road safety in economic terms, and to ensure that resources are used efficiently. We offer added value through our highly specific expertise, sharp analyses, and clearly presented results. W2Economics shares its expertise with a wider audience by presenting at conferences and seminars, publishing in (scientific) journals, and education at universities.

W2Economics was founded by Wim Wijnen, an expert in the economic aspects of road safety. Following a degree in Economics at the University of Groningen, Wim went on to work for a number of renowned research bodies. From 2004 to 2012 he worked for the Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV), where he became an international specialist in the economics of road safety. He has participated in many national and international studies into economics and road safety, and in working groups of organisations such as the OECD, ETCS and PIARC. Wim’s work has been published in a large number of (scientific) publications, and he has presented his ideas on economics and road safety at many international conferences, seminars and workshops. He has a particular interest in developing countries and has worked in several, drawing on his background in development economics.

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